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PChat Manual

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Copied from RoLaS: Tides of Chaos
- Java
- Mouse/Scrollpad

- Tablet
- Decent internet connection
- No obscene images
- Be conscious of others; don't erase or draw over others' images without consent
- Do not clear the board unless all members have agreed to it
- Read this guide before asking questions about the PChat
- Be space-friendly; try not to take up the entire board if other members are online
Links: [ Pokemblem PChat | Chaz's Simplified Guide to PChat ]

New Features:

Abbreviated as 'PChat,' Paint Chat is a basically a chat room that allows you to interact with other members while chatting and drawing at the same time.

This particular PChat has a color-changing and opacity-changing feature that comes in the form of a set of sliders, the Grey being the opacity setting, and the Red, Green, and Blue (ARGB, respectively) for mixing colors. These sliders represent Hex Codes, so previous knowledge may help a bit. Of course, you are always free to experiment. You can also right-click this box to change the display to AHSV, or Alpha, Hue, Saturation, Value picker.

As well as color and opacity settings, there are a variety of brush sizes you can choose from, ranging anywhere from 1px to 16 px. in diameter. You can also create your own brush size (1-16) by playing with the slider that appears below the region. Though there is no eyedropper tool, you can acquire used colors by right clicking on the desired color.

Following the Colors and Brushes are a set of buttons. In order, they are Eraser, Label, Screenshot, Clear, and Kick.
  • Eraser - Does exactly what an eraser does; erases things. To use, click once and erase. To switch back to brush, click it again until you have circle brushes. (Eraser brushes are square)

    Label - Shows who is drawing what. It's useful when there are several members in the room. For identification purposes.

    Screenshot - Takes a picture of the canvas and whatever is on it. Opens in a new screen. Right click and save this image if you so desire.

    Clear - What we call the 'bomb,' we usually designate a clear by saying 'boom.' This basically clears the entire canvas. Clicking this, you will receive a popup notice to confirm your choice.

    Kick - Unusable by normal members; mod only.

    Zoom - Technically two buttons; click the one with [+] to zoom in, click [-] to zoom out.</li>
Below the sliders are the masks. Masks are basically like layers. If you know how to use them, good. Basically, you color or draw an area, click a mask and color or draw through it without ruining whatever was in that mask. Click the masks again to undo them. Masks are single-color; you can mask up to two separate colors at a time. Masked colors only work on full opacity, meaning that your color must be solid. The small box underneath with MASK on it means that the mask is activated; when clicked, it will read [character]MASK, meaning that the mask is temporarily removed. Click it again to reactivate the mask.

The talk button below that is rather useless. If you click it, it will say 'lock' and lock the chat box from posts, including yours. This doesn't mean other people can't post; it simply means you can't see the posts other people make during that time.

The button below the chat box button is the Block function. If you select a user's name, then click that button, it will block their messages from appearing in your chat box. Unclick to remove the function.

The final button (displayed as a button with two squares, usually) is for quitting/logging out. Clicking this will automatically boot you from the chatroom. To return, simply refresh the page.

The number next to your name [ex: (0) Anon ] represent which member number you are. 0 would be the first, 1 the second, and etc. If you are member number 163, that means you are the 164th member online.

There are several commands usable in the chatroom available to members --
  • /zoom # - This allows you to zoom to a certain extent depending on the number variable you input. The larger the zoom number, the more you will zoom. This opens up a separate window, and you cannot scroll with this.

    /zoomMain # - This will zoom the actual canvas to the degree you want it to. It has scroll bars, so I recommend this one to the command above.

    /capture - You won't be needing this, seeing as the screenshot button is available, but it's handy if the button somehow refuses to work.

    /bellon roomin - This is really just for fun, but when somebody new enters the room, you'll hear a 'ding' sound.

    /belloff roomin - This will negate the above command.</li>
Maintenance Period:
PChat has a 13 minute maintenance period every day at 3:30/4:30 pm Pacific Time. You will be warned at 30, 10, 5, and 1 minutes before all members are kicked. This is basically a daily clean out so that members don't exhaust all of the data space.

- Slow to load. If your internet connection is bad, this is not recommended; major lag ahead.
- No crop/cut tools.
- No 'undo' button. If you mess up, you mess up.
- No fill/paint bucket tool.

- 1.5 MB Data space: Warnings will be given at 0.5, 1.0, 1.2, etc. At 1.5 MB, the board will automatically clear itself.
- As of 4/25/09, Takamin has implemented (or attempted to implement) a pen pressure system for the drawing tablet. It supposedly works only for Vista users. More details to come.