Language in FE7x

Talk about FE7x here, plz.
What level of cussing would you prefer in FE7x?
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I choose free, and had the added advantage of being able to see the results before I voted. Therefore I knew it would overtake restricted :D

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I think that about sums it up. I've gotten a good sense of how the community feels about this sort of thing, so the topic's served its purpose.

Free held the lead pretty firmly throughout, with its voters posting 'I don't really care, just be reasonable.'
I found it hard to justify the sentiments of many of our Restricted and Reserved voters. Our list of foul-mouthed ruffians and murderers were compared to the blue-blooded, well-educated nobles of an ESRB-rated game and there were some insinuations that we were immature enough to be using curse words just for he sake of cursing - I believe we were compared to Grand Theft Auto or Xbox Live chat. All that aside, I respect their opinions.
I didn't actually expect anyone to vote Substituted and I'm glad I wasn't disappointed x:

Before I close, I'd like to ease your concerns a little. Despite your numerous proclamations that nobility shouldn't speak in such a manner, I can assure you that our knights won't be. Out of the six-ish chapters and twenty-ish support conversations (C-through-A) written so far, the examples listed in the post further up are the only instances of swearing I could find at the time.
Further results - Celeste drops an F-bomb (when in a moment of utter rage after being defeated), Wallace drops a 'Jackass' when in private (though the context was more traditional, comparing his stubborn commander to a mule) and Melanie has a handful of others (mostly 'bull-shit's).

Reviewing them, they all feel rather appropriate in context (except Melanie's 8D) and I feel censoring any of them would completely dampen the mood of the scenes. I could switch Uther's dramatic entrance;
"Hold it, shit-head!"
to something like
"Hold it, blackheart!"
...which just isn't something you say when you're about to start a brawl with some thugs to relieve the stress you built up dealing with self-righteous politicians.

I think you're all just going to have to trust me, but I'll try and meet you half-way from now on. When we've got a more complete demo - part one Uther, maybe - the topic will be brought up again and we'll decide definitively what we want for the final version.