FEXP 1.0.1

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FEXP 1.0.1

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Aug 23 2011, 04:10 AM #1

A small update to deal with some of the quick suggestions/questions on features.

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1.0.1 - Aug 22 2011
- Added a new map to show some of the added features/how to do things that weren't explained yet
-- Chest and Door event examples given, and events that activate x turns after a door opens
- Reinforcements can be made bosses/can be set to drop their equipment; call $game_map.add_boss or $game_map.add_drop before your add_unit script call
- Talk events work more properly now, and can run full event controls; Test Map 2 has an example of how to use one for recruitment
- The main player character can be set/works with autocursor and the Data screen. Use &#036;game_system.allied_leader_id = <actor_id> to set the id manually, otherwise it will use the first found actor in FE_Config::MAIN_CHARACTER
And we're still looking for someone who can work on adding the rest of the features to FEXP, so if you've got any experience with Ruby or plan to learn it we could probably use your help

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